The Many Faces of the Chandelier

Photo Credit: Antiquesblog.net

Looking through design blogs, interior design magazines-- even when deciding on stationary patterns-- I realized recently that the chandelier is a slight obsession of mine. My eye is drawn to them whatever the capacity; in fact, one thing I love about chandeliers is how varied they can be from one to the next. The fact that there are two that "came with" the house I eventually purchased definitely had influence on my final decision, and I'll admit those light fixtures-- not anything practical, like the new HE washer/dryer-- came to mind as I was writing the down payment check. The idea of a little cottage house with two chandeliers was what helped me make my final decision.  

As a side note, my house has a 1:2 chandelier ratio now.

Nurseries, kitchens, bathrooms, porches, palaces, earrings, outside, inside...
chandeliers aren't a Marie Antoinette exclusive anymore.

But let's start with Versailles anyway.
Palace of Versailles

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