Prettying Up the Standard Envelope

Jane Austen's writing desk

Handwriting things-- anything-- just makes things so much more personal. I'll be the first to admit that I find pounding out words on the keyboard a lot easier than putting pen to paper, but there's just something instantly endearing about seeing words transcribed in script. The writer gives the reader an idea of their unique style in a way that just seems more intimate than Times New Roman.

Meant to Be Calligraphy

So, I try to hand-write things as often as possible. The ladies of my life have taught me to always send handwritten thank you notes. And even though it's tedious, I still longhand my journal as well. Because going back and reading my own (albeit very illegible) script a week or a decade later is a little more thrilling that way.

I loved the ideas I found on lettergirl's blog. I mailed three cards this week and took a certain satisfaction knowing that amongst bills and catalogs, my recipients would find happy envelopes like this:

Flowers for the girls...

Stars for the boys

Metallic silver, gold, and white pens are great for colored envelopes

All this takes is a Bic pen and a steady hand!

Visit her Etsy store here: lettergirl on Etsy

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  1. Hi Christina,

    Thanks so much for including a photo of my calligraphy in this thoughtful post! I agree: handwritten, "real" mail is the best!!

    Michele Fritz
    Meant To Be Calligraphy