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Anyone in my family will know why green
is a special color.

And it all begins with a little woman we called "Sugarbee."

Sugarbee is my grandmother. She lived from 1919 to 2004 as the true embodiment of femininity, kindness, and grace. She was our Melanie Wilkes; and for me represented the gentle South where the romantic notion of moonlight and magnolias really do exist.

And she loved the color green.

Kelly, lime, harlequin, jade, teal, vert, chartreuse... anything green.

Her eyes were the bright hazel, of course, and her wardrobe consisted of plenty of shades of green. She was the person you would pick up a cute green trinket for, because they reminded you of her. Once, when I was little, I proudly presented her with a stick I'd covered in Crayola "jungle green." In my mind it was art at its finest, and Sugarbee absolutely loved it-- or at least she told me she did. Another example of her uniquely gentle spirit.

She even had a mint green bedroom. It was soft, and soothing, and pretty. Like her.

I have a very dear Aunt who has carried on this love of green. Jewelry, towels, granite countertops... there are tasteful splashes of "Sugarbee green" throughout her home.

So here is my post about lovely things in shades of green, for my sweet grandmother.

I love the gorgeous wooden mantelpiece and beveled mirror against the crisp white and green wallpaper pattern.

Vietri Italian Garden Pots
What a happy, chubby little kelly green planter!

kate spade "Gardner Street Green" Dinnerware Collection
Intertwined green vines on porcelain white make for a simple yet lovely pattern.

Be still my heart.
From Schlumberger’s garden of spectacular diamond flowers. Clip in 18k gold with an emerald and round brilliant diamonds in platinum.
This can be yours for $275,000 at Tiffany's

Sandy Koepke Designs
Two of my dream gardens. This designer, Sandy Koepke, is amazing at creating an effortlessly sumptuous outside space.

Anthro never disappoints; from housewares to Sunday brunch dresses, this is one of my favorite stores.

This came from an article in Coastal Living called "Colors of the Sea." I love the potpourri of greens in both the living room and the kitchen.

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