{ Into the Book }

I use this blog often as a laundry-list of sorts, a place to compile my favorite websites, people, ideas, etc. I have gotten into a bad habit of writing novella-esque entries... very time consuming and resulting in an average of 1.5 posts a month.

Not today. Today is a To-Do list of books I have seen lately that I "need"... so I don't forget.

First up:

Flair was just featured in the Velvet and Linen blog, and I am in love. All things about how to entertain. Elegant table settings, invitation etiquette, place cards, party favors... fabulous.


Philippa Gregory is to the history nerd what John Grisham is to the law school graduate.
I'm sure some members of academia would dismiss Gregory's books as fluff because they stray here and there from reality...
but really, it takes the charm out of a love story when you know that the dashing prince took a bath maybe once a year.

This one is on Eleanor of Aquataine, an often-overlooked character of Great Britain's 12th century royalty.


The B.C. + Parties = Happiness.

One of my favorite contemporary theologians has a commentary to the Bible. I always love reading the footnotes in Scripture; sometimes they give me a unique perspective on an old story, and always give me a deeper understanding of the Word.

I think the title of this one says it all.

Just found this one, and I think I want it too. Dorothy Draper's decorating style fascinates me.

Last but not least:

One of my best friends has given me a project for the summer, and that is to help her 5 year old boy decide on a "theme" for his room. I have already offered up these two ideas...

And for whatever reason, both have been shot down.

Too juvenile? Maybe.
Impractical? Yes.
But aren't they pretty?

Thus it's back to the drawing board for me and my 5-year-old client.


  1. Those decorating books look a dream! There is nothing more satisfying than holding a beautiful book and taking in the content of its pages.

  2. Christina,
    Where did you find those BEAUTIFUL cribs? Those are exactly what I'm looking for!

    1. Hi Ashley! The ones in this post are from Jennifer Lopez's baby nursery (!!) I am not sure of the manufacturer, but I will Google it and let you know if I find out!