Before and After: From Linen to "Blush and Bashful"

I just came across this most recent update from a fabulous interior design blog, Velvet and Linen (by Brooke Giannetti of Giannetti Home). I love before and after pictures, and this one is too good not to share.

Her bathroom was crisp and light before, with varying shades of white; but upon deciding it needed a little hint of sass, the answer was obvious: pink.

For southern ladies such as myself, definitely a signature cul-ah.

All photos courtesy of Velvet and Linen blog

 I love that the designers didn't do a lot of radical changes; the pretty pedestal sinks remain, as do the lighting fixtures and window trim color. I love the taupe curtains-- although in the brown family, they are a pop of color which really emphasizes the sunlight coming in, as well as providing a good contrast to the white fixtures.

Between the claw-foot tub, pink quilted settee, and crystal chandelier, this is luxury. 
Draw up my bath, Jeeves, and please don't forget to the lavender bath salts this time.

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