DIY Wedding: Chapter 3. Etsy Love, Etsy Love.

WeddingChannel.com just informed me that there are 25 days left until the wedding... I would consider myself a mix between Emily Post, Anthony from Sex and the City, and Bridezilla at the moment. (Want to hang out anytime soon? Call me!)

Anyway, I wanted to spotlight the lovely Etsy finds that have come to comprise a LOT of what we're doing for the wedding. I have had such great experiences with every one of these sellers and wouldn't hesitate to recommend any of them at any time.

Invitations: TwoCardinalDay
Laura, the owner of this shop, is incredible. She designed my invitations from photographs I emailed her and I was so thrilled with how they turned out. I've gotten more compliments on these invitations than I ever could have imagined, and it's because she's got such talent and style. In fact, I took inspiration from this suite she had already done:
"Rustic Romance on the Farm"
Sent Laura two pictures of the church and farm where we'll have our wedding and reception, and got this:

These depict the buildings SO very perfectly, and she did it in 48 hours for only $30 (on top of the $50 listing fee)! All I had to do was buy the cardstock (she helped me find good sources for that, too) and literally took them to FedEx/Kinko's to print. Viola! And I was so happy with the outcome.

Next Etsy find/love:
Handmade, custom order silk ties for $18.95. Yes. $18.95. 
rabbitstop on Etsy
Vivian at RabbitStop/TieObsessed is incredible. I sent her a picture of my bridesmaid's gowns (exactly like the ones in this picture), and not only did she go to the fabric store that week to find a swatch, she found two and let me choose the one most to my liking. And here you go:
So, groomsmen's gifts? Check. Matching itty-bitty tie for ring bearer? Check. All for $18.95 a piece. My fiance has declared that he's never buying another tie in store again-- the selection here is amazing and the price can't be beat.

Last up for now:
Bridal Couture on Etsy

I actually found this shop via StyleMePretty.com which is the site of all things Beautiful Wedding.
 And this is no exception. Ce Juane made the fascinator I will wear in my hair and it is exquisite beyond words. They customized it for me, by putting the pearls from the Mina onto the Mia style because I'm wearing pearl earrings.

It's a work of art, for sure, that I hope will be a family heirloom one day. And it was $60. 

It's gonna be an Etsy kind of wedding, my friends!

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