DIY Wedding Chapter 2: Seed Packets as Wedding Favors

I have seeds coming out of my ears.

Let me explain.

I found some great ideas for making party favors for the wedding involving vintage seed labels, coin envelopes, and a bulk purchase of Sweet Peas, my seed of choice. Luckily my friends are willing to glue, stamp, and seal these packets with me, so it's going pretty quickly. But we are a little like a seed packet factory over here right now.

It started when I spied this on Martha's wedding website. Seeds for Save the Dates-- cute! 

Since I'm getting married in Georgia, ideally I would have sent out peach seeds but they are about the size of... well, a peach pit.

Instead, I decided that they were going to be guest's wedding favors. 

I loved the what I saw here:

And the concept has kind of just grown from there.

There is going to be a sign for guests to "please take one," and in return leave a tag with some words of advice for the future Mr. JoieDeVivre and myself. In my mind, I'm hoping that the seed packet favors that I am hanging up like these below... (just replace the photos with seed packets):
Style Me Pretty

And hopefully by the end of the night, the packets are replaced with little manilla tags (like these)...

... all containing pearls of wisdom handwritten by guests. (Any suggestions on what to do with those cards later? I was thinking frame them?)
500 for $27

So here's what I ended up using:

For the bargain price of $3.00, I bought this listing of vintage seed packet covers off Etsy. Once I had the PDF file,
I could (and always can) print as many as I'd like.

The only thing to do then is put in the sweet pea seeds, ordered in bulk from Eden Brothers online garden shop. 

Glue the labels onto the packets with spray mount (my new favorite thing):


For one final fun and personalized touch, I ordered a stamp for the opposite side of the seed packets from this very sweet Etsy seller ForYoo, who I highly recommend for not just reasonable prices on customized wooden stamps, but also for being very fast and friendly!

A great, simple, and economical DIY project!


  1. You save a lot of gluing by printing the seed packet "covers" on label paper - Avery makes full-sheet labels you can find at most office supply stores. Just a thought - congrats and best wishes for your wedding!

  2. I want to see the finished product, C! You are so creative!