Merry Merry!

 Thanks to Pinterest, I found a way to put up a little tree in my little house.

Two of my favorite ornaments: the Frog Prince and the Slipper...

.. And one of my mom's handpainted ornaments. Every year she chooses a different color scheme. In 2004, it was pink with pearls.

And if I needed any more reminder I am officially an adult? I was giddy as I put up my very own Dickens' Village, sent to me by a dear aunt.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday!


Inspirations: Christmas Interiors

From traditional red and green, to the unconventional aqua and white (yes, please!), here are a few of my favorite decked halls!

So ornate yet so clean. Love the damask wallpaper and ribbon accents.

Everything Aqua!
 The tartan ribbon and hardwood paneling. So very manly chic!

Pink and Sassy, with a bit of black to keep it from being kitschy.

A vintage vibe-- love the magnolia in the porch planters!
Candy + Christmas = Something for the bebe!

RED and GREEN(ery)!

Simply sublime... aqua and white

The gorgeous, perfectly shaped tree that puts my little artificial tree to shame (Bless its heart.)

A Nutcracker Christmas

And, while I know this is a wide angle exterior shot, I just love it so much I can't not post:



The Results: DIY Wedding, Seed Packet Favors

I realized I have documentation of the "after" from this "before" post! I hope it helps someone. I would love to hear about it if you decide to use this!*

I got a lot of great "advice tags" back as well-- my favorite? "Be careful on the honeymoon. Babies come quick."

*Note: One visitor made a great suggestion of using sticky labels rather than paper + adhesive. The only reason I didn't do that was because I'd already printed the labels... but the stickers are a much better idea!