DIY Jewelry stand holder from vintage china

I'm always on the lookout for interesting and unique gift ideas (it's how my Etsy shop and small business started, after all.)

In efforts to find "THE gift," I love hitting local estate sales... so much fun for the inner American Picker in me! One thing I've seen a lot of are pieces of china (without a match) for as little as $1 a plate.

I've been wanting to make a jewelry holder like this for some time, so after a few storage wars estate sales, I had what I needed to make one. I didn't want to use a drill; and I wanted to use what I had instead of getting specialty hardware. Here's what I learned.

For my no-fuss/no-drill jewelry holder, you'll need:

 1. Plates in varying sizes (I chose to do three, so I'd have three tiers on my jewlery holder). Make sure the patterns compliment each other, my preference is that they aren't matchy-matchy.
2. E6000 Industrial Strength "Goop" (craft glue, I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
3. Two egg cups, short candlesticks, or cream and sugars*
4. A small teacup** for the top (optional, I just wanted one to hold my rings)

*I saw a really great idea with a candlestick (pic below), but this limited the holder to two tiers.
** I found a particularly small teacup to hold my rings, but you could also use a wider-mouth saucer.


The easiest how-to I've done making a jewelry holder:

1. Hit garage sales, estate sales, or even the Salvation Army to get your pieces.
2. Put glue around the edge of the first "divider" (either egg cup, creamer, etc.)
3. Stack upside down and LET DRY (you may want to put something heavy on top of the divider, for added pressure).
4. Repeat for next tier. You're going to want to glue the bottom of the egg cup to the already-glued plate before you go for the one on top. Also make sure you look at the tiers from the side, to make sure the egg cups are aligned from all angles.

 5. Repeat again, and glue the bottom of the teacup to the saucer... and again, LET DRY.

You are done, you little DIYer, you!

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  1. Oh just lovely! I should get off my behind and make something like this one of these days ;)

    1. Thank you Laura! It's SO easy; do it! And then let me see what you did! :)