DIY "Goodnight Moon" party

We did it! Our little guy turned one last weekend and we had family and friends over for what turned out to be a really fun party. The last of the "Goodnight Moon" posts, I promise!

Here are some really easy things I did to stay in theme:
First- RED BALLOONS. Anywhere you like-- the mailbox, next to the cake, next to the favors, on the chairs... since the red balloon is a "character" in the story, you can get by putting them just about anywhere.

When I ordered the cupcakes, I just told the bakery "icing in primary colors-- red, green, yellow, blue." Easy, right? Then I printed out the book cover and cow painting from the story as passport-sized pictures, and on one sheet got about 12 prints. Hot glue + toothpicks = cupcake toppers! To mix it up a bit, I wrote "hush" (thanks, little old lady) on some premade yellow flag toppers with a Sharpie.

And because I am apparently becoming a mother straight out of "Toddlers and Tiaras," I also painted the cow jumping over the moon in acrylic. It was a good space-filler.
The birthday boy had THREE wardrobe changes (again, "Toddlers and Tiaras"). Dressy pre-cake:

 Something to get messy in for the smash cake (shameless plug, but I'm actually about to start selling these in my Etsy store.)

And a t-shirt to wear after all the madness.

This was a random find, but at our local Tuesday Morning I found the "Goodnight Moon Game." Yes! A board game made after the book... and for $9.99! I turned it into the centerpiece for the table, and the kiddos got to play the game after we were done eating.

Same rule for the banner as with the cupcakes: primary colors. I separated each word with a picture of the rabbit from the story (this was actually a picture of a paper plate I printed out several times... i.e., there's a set of "Goodnight Moon" paper products out there somewhere on the interwebz. Google it!) 

This rabbit was actually something we already had, I thought he worked for the theme because he was wearing a night cap. The three balls next to him were Dollar Store finds... I'm not even sure what they really are (stress squeeze balls maybe?) but their colors worked-- and they were a buck!

This pales in comparison to the swanky parties I saw online, but for what we were doing it was great and just enough.  Time to start planning the next one!

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