Beyond the Jack-O-Lantern: 13 Unique Ways to Make Halloween Chic

It's Halloween Time!

Pinterest never disappoints. Halloween is something I've had a hard time decorating for in the past; what I see in stores seem to be less "autumnal lovely" and more "Death Comes to Honey Boo Boo's Front Yard."
The Incredible Hulk has a brother?
But that's all changed now, thanks to the ideas I've seen on Pinterest. Most of these I've modified (read: simplified) to make them a reality in our house. And some are not Halloween-specific, so they will last through Thanksgiving. Be warned, most do involve a pumpkin (or five). Here are a few of my favorites:

 1. Pretty fall tablescapes
A lovely tablescape from LaurenConrad.com. Gather some fall foliage from outside (magnolia leaves, pinecones, willowy sticks), and add some interesting pumpkins, candles, even berries and apples. This is the first year I've heard of blue pumpkins, and I'm on a mission to find at least one for our table.

2.  Old photos with captions
Find some vintage photos from an antique store, caption them with Halloween-theme scrapbooking stickers, and you've got some spooky wall art!

3. Candelabras
I've had candelabras on the brain since seeing a pair of sterling silver ones at an estate sale a few weeks ago. I love how this table has minimal decoration, yet the dripping wax gives it a spooky vibe.
 4. Washi tape pumpkins
This has been pinned all over Pinterest and I can see why. Easy-peasy to do, and super-cute! Sometimes Target has washi tape in their "1 Spot" (one dollar items), by the way.

5. Twinkle light-wrapped pumpkins
Light 'em up! What a great alternative to having a candle burning in your pumpkin for weeks. And, you've already untangled those pesky light strings for Christmas.

6. Or stack 'em up
White, blue, and sage green pumpkins grouped together on the front porch, in front of an boxwood urn. Simple perfection.

7. Fancy lacy pumpkin towers
This is a great twist to the typical pumpkin tower. Wrap them in lace for extra drama. (I've always wondered how to do this; apparently all you need is some hot glue! Or you can get more involved and use a garden stake.) There are all kinds of varieties of this, with gourds or Cinderella pumpkins.

8. The "Easy Yet Charming" Effect 
Line the stairs with the same color and size pumpkin... the white ones on black stairs makes a particularly pretty statement.

9. Pumpkin centerpieces
Via (site is in French, by the way)
I absolutely love white pumpkins, and use them all over the place in our house. In fact, all our pumpkins are white, save for the two that we spray painted... and they weren't orange for long! Make a centerpiece from hollowing out a white pumpkin and letting it serve as your vase.

10. Vinyl letters are your friend
Vinyl letters are everywhere. They're great because they stay put once they are stuck on, but can be peeled off without much of a mess. What a cute way to add some Halloween to your front porch, by flanking the front door with "Trick or Treat."

11. Easy way to spruce up a pumpkin...
Use thumbtacks! Done.

12. Spray paint is your pumpkin's friend.
I used some gold "foil" Kryolon spray paint I had for another project on a $4 bag of mini-pumpkins I bought from Publix... too cute! And they are so happy and
shiny now. Stud them for some extra sass.
 13.  Mums, mums, and more mums!
Because really, can you ever have too many flowers?

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