Goodnight Moon! Baby's First Birthday

Well, I have finally decided on a theme for my little guy's first birthday... it's going to be a teeny-tiny family party but I just had to have an inspiration. Colors will be all primary (like the ones on the cover of the book), and I'll probably make a moon... and a cow to jump over it. Wish me luck! The invitations have gone out:
These invitations were really easy to make-- I chose printable invitations (to a bridal shower, actually) from Party City with a color I liked, and cut teeny-tiny books out of photo paper that I put on the photos instead of the little ribbons they had included. A few cute fonts from dafont.com (my favorite site for downloading free fonts) and they were ready!

I know the party won't be anything as fancy as some of the ones I've seen online, but I'm excited about getting ideas from lovely Goodnight Moon soirees like this one!

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