"Goodnight Moon" Birthday party ideas... the best on the 'Net

Since I've been doing so much combing of the Web for inspiration for the Bean's first birthday, I thought I'd compile what I've found in one place to hopefully save someone else the time looking. Here are some of the cutest ideas I've seen so far (I will add to this as I find things). T-minus 5 days until our big Goodnight Moon bash!

1. Bright candy, snacks, and labels. I love the idea of just using anything with primary colors in it for food. And the picture frame photo booth idea? So cute!

2. Spotlight on yarn. I kept seeing these balls of yarn and sadly it took me a minute to "get" it-- Oh! The little lady whispering "hush" is knitting! Cute space filler.

3. Cows jumping over moons everywhere. They don't have to be the Goodnight Moon cow; your guests will get the point.

4. More primary colors, and a sleeping rabbit. Here's an example of finding something not specific to the theme, but in keeping with it because the colors/ideas work. The Bean has a stuffed rabbit I'll be using with a pillow, too.

Notice this person has also included a "framed" picture like in the book... I did this too, with the picture that has the cow jumping over the moon and red farmhouses. It was really easy, I just needed a canvas, paintbrushes, and acrylics in red, midnight blue, yellow, and white.
5. Keep your birthday boy or girl in theme. I found this adorable shirt on Etsy but needed to stay in budget so I made a similar one with my embroidery machine (not as cute but makes the point). You could also use Avery heat press vinyl to do this. If you're not crafty... just order it!
6. But when baby smashes that cake... Granted this isn't about Goodnight Moon, but it's important to note: you're going to want them to be in something they can get completely messy.  I bought some cheapie baby "undershirts" by Gerber and made an open bowtie onesie, adding the words "Let's Party" on it because... well, it's going to be time to party when we bust this out.

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