Baby's First Birthday... 1st Party Ideas!

One. Year.

That's how long it's been since I've posted! God bless you NG and AL for asking about the status of the blog. My Mom noticed it had been abandoned, too.

It's been a busy year: I've had a baby, relocated to a new city, and become a full-time mom and wife. This in turn has lead to a vast Pinterest arsenal. I feel really blessed and am very happy.

What inspired this great return? My search now to throw "That Party."

My sweet little bebe's first birthday is coming up, and I have become the mom I swore I'd never be, that throws a theme-party for a little person who will not remember it ("But he WILL have the pictures" is my most common defense for all this research and likely expense... TBD).

So here are some of my favorite ideas for a 1st birthday so far:

With this one, you can call it a "wild rumpus" and no one can judge!

This of course has lead me down the avenue of other literature-themed parties...  some cute ones also include "Very Hungry Caterpillar" and "Goodnight, Moon," among others.  How cute are these caterpillar cake pops? 

Or, a "Charlotte's Web" theme?! Cuteness overload! This is a slippery slope, my friends... I've actually just been diverted another 30 minutes checking out themes in composing this blog post.

 Or you could always go the broad "all children's literature" theme, like this Golden Books party (technically, it's a baby shower but could easily be tweaked to be a birthday party):

Moving away from the literature theme (for now), there's a pretty nautical theme:

You can even buy ready-made theme packages for parties from Minted.com for as little as $65, like this one, "Fanfare":

Two of my favorite children's party inspiration and idea sites:

Regardless... he's gonna have a crown.


  1. I'm so glad you're back!!
    I am loving every one of these party themes. I though the Where the Wild Things Are was the most adorable....but then I kept reading and thought - no, that one! Nope, that one!! I cannot wait to see pictures!

    1. Thanks Ally for following the blog! I know, I still have not been able to make a decision about the theme. I keep having to remind myself to scale it back... I am verging on "Toddlers and Tiaras" territory I think!