Affordable Abstract Art

My mom is an Impressionist artist who has painted for over 30 years. Recently, she started adding abstract art to her portfolio, a great example of which can be seen in this painting she gave me to go over our mantle:

Mom's art in our house

Original artwork can add so much to a room, but it's not always affordable. Here are some pieces I found under $500 I thought were gorgeous!

The first site I discovered was ugallery.

It's a playground of original art, I LOVE it! You can sort by genre, color, and price to find just the piece you want. Some of my favorites:
Sharon Barfoot
Maintaining Balance, $375

Faith Taylor, Pyrite $425

Scott Bergey
The Well To Do, $225

Robert Darabos
Untitled (Red with Squares): printmaking on paper, silkscreen/serigraph, $325

Cheryl Paolini, Rhythm, mixed media $375

Next, of course, are a few Etsy finds:

(so sorry for the ugly links, Blogger won't let me link correctly for some reason)

Semi-abstract floral, StudioSabine, $250

1960 vintage oil on board, chris smith on Etsy, $150

Large abstract painting, acrylic, Itisfine on Etsy, $473.86

abstract acrylic, wreynoldsorr on Etsy, $350
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