Getting creative with kid's birthday party decor

Continuing on from here as I plan the Green Bean's first birthday, I wanted to share a sort of weird-but-makes-sense-to-me idea I had for unique or hard-to-find themes. 

What about dollhouse items or scrapbooking embellishments on the tops of cupcakes or table decor? If you think outside the box, you could do all kinds of great themes.

They are about half the price of designated "this is for a birthday" items I've found, usually come in packs of multiples, and give you a broader spectrum to choose party themes.

For example, if I go with the "children's literature" theme... how perfect would these be on top of frosting?
Or these for an "On the Farm" or Charlotte's Web party?
A Fancy Nancy party:

A "Garden Party":
$4 on Etsy

A "Mardi Gras" or Madeline party:
"Snow White" party:
Crayon/primary colors party:

Anything that comes in a "set" for a dollhouse or scrapbook could work!

An "I Love Ikea" party:
Just kidding.
I should probably stop blogging and start deciding on a theme for my little buddy!
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